Welcome to De Meinweg National Park

The translation of these pages was made possible through public funding by Provincie Limburg and The European Union.

De Meinweg is a unique terraced landscape, with steep transitions between the terraces, which in geological terms are a highly unusual feature in the landscape of the Netherlands. The terraces formed over ten thousand years through erosion by the river Meuse and shifts in the earth's crust along three fault lines that run through the area, one of which is the Peelrand fault. Two streams (the Boschbeek and the Roode Beek) run across the terraces draining the upper plateau to the river Roer.

The National Park is located east of Roermond, surrounded on three sides by German territory.  De Meinweg National Park is part of the German-Dutch border park Maas-Swalm-Nette, covering 10,000 hectares. De Meinweg covers an area of approximately 1,800 hectares.

In De Meinweg forests, fens, moors and valleys produce a varied landscape. De Meinweg is the only part of Limburg where the adder or common European viper can be found, so the snake has been incorporated into the logo of De Meinweg National Park.

On this site you will find all sorts of information about the National Park and its surroundings. So surf, explore and enjoy the Meinweg National Park.

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